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Anonymous: girls are dangerous anon boy, we'd rip your erect dick off for sexualising us, but that'd just get you off


Anonymous: Your body girl, do as you please! Don't listen to people who tell you what and how to wear clothing, like "f*ck off!" haha. It annoys me that we as females must conform to what other people believe is "modest". Society is so judgemental these days, sex sells and so does showing some skin, yet you must still dress "modest" and "ladylike" it's unbelievable! You're fab, keep on rockin' hehe :) xxx

Yess!!!! thank u xx

Anonymous: no don't get me wrong the pic was nice but just brain overloaded a little ya know

ur problem not mine sry

Anonymous: okay i repeat i was not trying to attack you but i see we are done good bye

u literally went to the effort of finding a link to my blog to send me an anon telling me what to do like damn just don’t like the pic

Anonymous: yeah i kinda figured you'd say something like that but the mesh was still too much for me

1- I can show as much skin as I like

2- Don’t tell me what to wear

3- Don’t base your assumptions of me on one picture, I pretty much never show skin at all other than that picture (not that it matters anyway)

4- I fucking hate floral print why would I wear a flowery dress

5- I wear jeans like most days that I don’t have school so chill you don’t know me 

6- I   D O   A S   I   P L E A S E

Anonymous: okay so i don't want you to take this the wrong way, but i think that it is a shame that you show so much skin. i know for a fact that a girl as pretty as you could drive a guy nuts in a space suit, let alone mesh shirts (although i know you dont do it for them). you should try a nice flowery dress or jeans every now and then. this probably sounds meaner than i meant it to be.

I do as I please

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Me pt. 2 10/12

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you should have opened your eyes i was crazy for you

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